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Get paid as you ride your bike

The only mobile application that gives you the rare opportunity to earn money for every mile you ride your bicycle.

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Providing a new way to earn income

Earn up to $280 dollars a month as you ride your bicycle with one of our lightweight advertisement banners on your personal bicycle free of charge. The app tracks your mileage with the banner on your bicycle per day and converts the mileage into cash.

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Built for you in three easy steps

For Riders

Get the app, choose an ad campaign that you like, and start earning. We will ship you the banner from ad campaign of your choice, open up the app while riding and earn all free of charge. You earn extra income from riding your bicycle along your regular commute as you normally would.

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Track and manage your advertisement campaigns

For Advertisers

Advertisers monitor their campaign progress and performance in real-time from their online dashboards. Through cutting edge out-of-home advertising technology, they can access metrics and analytics from their campaigns that the average billboard cannot provide. They discover how their target customers react to the ads.

How it works

With Ridevert, you are given the opportunity to make money from what you currently enjoy doing.

Create Account

Download the Ridevert app, install and sign up to get the full Ridevert experience.

Select an Ad Campaign

We will match you to ad campaigns that fit your current riding patterns and you can select any ad campaign you like from the options available.

Start riding And Earning

Activate your campaign and start riding. Ensure to ride within the campaign boundary and complete the daily distance cap to earn daily.

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Create a passive income stream

Capitalize on your current commute. Whether you ride for business, exercise or leisure, Ridevert will help you monetize your mileage and create a second source of income all free of charge to you the rider. Experience Ridevert today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be a part of a campaign on the ridevert platform?

Anyone 18 and older who owns a bicycle can be part of an ad campaign on ridevert. You simply download the app and the app tracks your riding patterns. If its a match, you will then be given access to a list of the ad campaigns available in your area.

How do riders earn money using the ridevert mobile application?

Riders earn by riding with the ad banner attached to their bikes and the app open on their phone to track their mileage. The app tracks their mileage and converts it into currency which the rider can withdraw at their leisure.

How do we get their selected campaign banners?

Once selected for an ad campaign, we ship you the banners to the address you include in your profile information. Once you get the banner you attach it to the frame of your bicycle and ride as you usually would.

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